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Online Casino Operators

We would like to emphasize the fact that all approaches with requests to list online casinos on our site will be neglected. Our team is usually present at a couple of industry events every year - and that's where we decide whom we're going to promote.

In case you believe we would make an exception for you, be sure to know that we won't and that our site's policy is to ignore any proposals. We specifically want to tell you now not to approach us over the phone; that alone will put your brand's name on our ignore list and terminate all future options.spec

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Everything related to placements and links can be send directly to:

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Links on Connecto Casino are not for sale!!!

We will usually reply within 48 hours, but exceptions to this rule may occur from time to time.

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Connecto Casino is always interested in exchanging links with resources that are valuable to our visitors.

If you think your websites qualifies and is related to casino/gambling, poker, bingo or sports book? Then don't hesitate and contact us right away!

We can add your link in our website directory, on a specific topical page in the left side column or even within the content - if it appears to be a perfect match :)

Please note: We don't want to do anything against Google's guidelines, so no need to contact us for 3-way links or what-so-ever!!!